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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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most of those storms moving across. this is what we're worried about. very, very heavy rain coming in, obviously. hail which may approach an inch to an inch and a half. we had quarter-sized hail reported around culpeper. heavy rain right now up i-95 for fran coney, about to move into alexandrea and the district, too, including arlington. this will move across. gusty winds, gusting over 58 miles an hour. most of this is moving through dale city into charles county. eventually to waldorf and southern sections of prince georges county. la plata and waldorf is not there yet. it's going to be there. more heavy rain and this doesn't look severe to me, even though montgomery county, you're under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 p.m. damascus getting heavy rain and i think gets it active. no doubt, the strong look of the activity is just in the southern sections of the district here as we zoom in one
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more time. alexandrea, franconia and to the south long highway 1. that is going to get the heaviest of the rain. to true view two, this will give you a bigger picture of this as i try to clear the warning off there and as we move along here, give you an idea of how this is moving, it's coming in from the west to the east and, again, what we're worried about here, very, very heavy rain, dangerous lightning. hail could be up to 1 to 1 1/2 inches. that would be approaching golf ball-size. the largest hail report we have had so far is from culpeper where we have had quarter-sized hail. the onions in terms of a tornado throat, they're rotating this evening. we don't think that is going to be a big, big deal. the hail in high wind, the problems with the severe thunderstorms as they're moving on through. again, the severe thunderstorm watch is in, picture for everybody until 9:00 tonight. -- in effect for everybody until 9:00 tonight. the district, prince georges county, prince william county,
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anne arundel county, under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 p.m. we'll continue to watch the thunderstorms as they move from west to east. this is one line we may have a bit more popping up over the next couple of hours or two and we'll keep a close eye on it. >> thank you for the update. you can depend on fox 5 when severe weather strikes g. to our website, for the latest updates on the storm and a quick reminder. send us your weather photos. everything you need is right there and just a click away. let's move now to a traffic alert in the middle of rush hour. a huge mess on 295 northbound. it's all related to an accident -- you can see one of them -- emergency crews manage to free both drivers, not clear what they were hauling, but there is that concern what was in them. you want to avoid 295 near laboratory road for awhile. the international manhunt is over.
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police in peru te10ed van der sloot. twice arrested in the case of natalie holeoway. he's now the -- holeoway. he's now the suspect of the murder of a young woman in his hotel room. here's more developments tonight. >> reporter: five years after the disappearance of natalee holloway, van der sloot is the broom suspect this time for the murder of another young woman in peru. he was arrested in neighboring chili after the body of 21-year- old stephanie flores was found in his hotel room in lima, the peruvian capitol. [ speaking in native tongue ] trait tate. >> eye few minutes -- [ through translator ] >> a few minutes ago, we were told this person was found on route 68. >> reporter: peruvian police say she was with vanner did slight sunday before she died. according to investigators tape from a casino in lima shows the two of them together that morning, exactly five years earlier, natalee holloway vanished while on a high school graduation trip to aruba.
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she was seen with van der sloot and spotted with him on a casino surveillance tape. the police arrested him and questioned him repeatedly but insisted that they never had enough evidence to charge him with a crime relate related to natalee's disappearance. he has told several stories about what happened to her. two years ago, he told the dutch reporter he was with her when she was drunk and collapsed on a beach. van der sloot said on that tape he believed she was dead and asked a friend to dump her body in the city. -- sea. the judges refused to arrest him on the basis of that undercover tape. lillian wu, fox news. >> stephanie flores was killed five years to the day after natalee holloway disappeared. back here at home, police want to you look at this trio. the woman and two men are accused of robbing a cvs sunday morning. investigators say they flashed a gun and demanded money. it didn't end there. the prince georges county police said they bound their
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victims with duct tape before taking off with the cash. a family's hope for a miracle may be over tonight after the discovery of a second body in the potomac river. a mother and her teenage during were swept away in the current. searchers have a stern warning to anyone who dares go into the river. sherri ly has the latest from potomac. >> reporter: the timing of the body's discovery was eerie. the park service, fire and police were out here along the potomac reminding people that what happened to this mother and daughter shows this receiver is deadly. within minutes of ending, the second body was discovered. >> both searched the potomac river for a fourth street day, even though it was a recovery mission. 30 minutes after beginning, the rescuers spotted a body near perry island b two miles from where that mother and daughter disappeared.
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>> four -- reminded us it's unforgiving and can kill. >> reporter: the family waited by the river for days but the discovery of the first body near little falls on wednesday seemed to confirm the inevitable. the bodies are presumed to be 31-year-old gaspar and her daughter emily. they disappeared during a family outing on memorial day. relatives say they were standing in water, only ankle or knee deep. >> even in shallow water, it can be deadlier than ocean riptides and can take you down in seconds. >> reporter: hidden beneath the surface, rocks and debris that continue under. swift water rescue teams were on the water within 11 minutes of the 911 call, the odds against them. >> in one minute underwater, you will suffer irreversible brain damage. in less than three minutes, you will be dead. >> six people drowned in the 14- mile potomac river gorge last year. signs posted in english, spanish and vietnamese warn people to city out.
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the park service patrols the shoreline for people who disobey. since the second week of may, they issued 35 citations. >> and even if you are an accomplished swimmer, you may not be able to free yourself from the river's grip. >> reporter: there is no worse reminder than a deadly start this summer. >> please don't be fooled. it's a powerful body of raging water. >> reporter: the park service said they taking a zero tolerance approach for anyone caught in the water and a citation can get you up to six months in yale and a $500 fine. violators won't get any warning. they will be cited and the rest is up to a judge. in potomac, sherri ly, fox 5 news. now to a raging fire at a building in northeast d.c. a former restaurant on minnesota avenue is being renovated and the close of the firehouse is a block away from the scene. when firefighters arrived, this is what they found. flames shooting from the building. one fire fighter is recovering
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for minor injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new developments in the latest effort to contain the oil spill in the gulf. it's day 45 and the oil flow has increased about 20% with -- to stopped the riser pipe and cap the leak. alicia, we understand there is progress being made? >> reporter: yes, will. according to the ceo, they have had some success here because they have managed to cut that name and what they have been working on is the cut itself. the cleaner the cut, the better the fit will be for the tophat and when i say top hat, it's like a cap and look a turned- over funnel, they will bible to siphon up the oil and gas. that was good news. they will know in the next 24
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hours, hayward said, whether or not this it is working. >> a lot of fingers crossed and we talked about the environmental concerns, the wildlife affected and i think we have footage ever someol- slicked birds. let's talk about another big element, the economic devastation. as this oil spill moves closer to florida, we understand that the tourism industry said the phones stopped ringing and people are concerned this oil is going to reach the beaches soon. what are you hearing about that? >> we're hearing that the states are doing what they can and bp is funneling in $5 million to happen the markets to try to make the clarification to vacationers that not all areas of the beaches are soiled and that there is water to be in. take florida, for instance, 60% of the vacationers go around
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this time of the year and throughout the summer. they can suffer greatly if people are scared away by the oil slicks o. note of the oil slick, there was a projection made today that should the oil that caught in the loop current of the gulf of mexico travels down and around the tip of florida and on up the eastern coast, up toward north carolina before it goes out east into the open atlantic ocean. will. >> let's hope the seventh attempt now finally works. alicia acuna live in venice, louisiana. as always, thank you for the update. and we should tell you there are six different underwater cameras monitoring bps efforts live. you can check them out. go to our website, there is a link at the top of our home page. shawn. and sad news. fans remembering one tvs beloved golden girls. rue mcclannahan died at the age of 76. she was best known for playing the role of blank devereaux. beth parker has more. >> reporter: shawn, rue
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mcclannahan died early this morning, her manager said she had a stroke. >> oh. i do declare. your sweet words, charm the morning dew off the honeysuckle. >> reporter: she won an emmy for playing blanche devereaux, costarring bea arthur, betty white and estelle getty, in a runaway hit that told the story of four aging women living together in miami, winning an emmy for the role in 1987. she was born in oklahoma and her acting career began on stage. had a guest role in all in the family and stepped into portray madame morrowville in broadway's wicked. mcclannahan had undergone treatment for breast cancer in 1997 and then in 2009, she had heart bypass surgery. she was married six times and called her 2007 memoir my first five husbands and the ones who got away. betty white costarred with mcclannahan on the golden
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girls. white released a statement today. yet said rue was a close and dear friend. i treasure our rap. it hurts more than i thought it would. if that is possible. leave in the newsroom, beth parker. back to you, will. >> thank you. another traffic alert this hour and just in time for the afternoon drive and crews are working to fix a water main break. we'll help you navigate the changes next. a new twist in the murder mystery that rocked a quiet dupont circle neighborhood. we're live with the details of the suspect's accounts of what happened the night robert juan was -- robert huang was killed. a walk in the park is not pleasant if being bugged by bugs. we'll have the ratings coming up. and we have a health alert that every parent needs to hear. have doctors come up with a diagnostic test for autism? the story is ahead in 40 minutes. keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is getting started. stay with us. 
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>> new revelations in the trial of three men accused of covering up the murder of robert juan. the lead detective in the case testified about the final interviews he conducted with the three defends. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: in the hours after the murder on swan street, the three defendants were asked to tell their stories repeatedly. by a number of different detectives that were handling the case. some of the interviews were
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confrontational. joe price was so angry about the way he was treated, he specifically asked to speak with the lead detective and volunteered to tell his side of the story one more time. 10 hours after the murder on swan street, joe price walked back inside an interview room at the crime's branch. it was at least the fourth time he had agreed to tell his story. price told detective wade what he thought may have happened. all the while sticking to the claim an intruder must have broken in. i saw the knife missing from the block. it happened so fast, it's still not real to me. someone stum build on to a surprise, stabbed the guy and took off. if i had anything to hide, i wouldn't be talking. i know better than that. i wouldn't. price was animated as he talked, using more curse worse -- words than in previous introduce, telling detective wade there was no coverup. there was no time before the cops got there. we would have been able to get together on our stories. price said he was disgusted
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with claims by other detectives that he had attacked robert juan in hopes of having sex with him, telling detective wade he was happily married, straight, true blue, didn't drink, didn't cuss, didn't smoke marijuana. if you had a daughter, he would be the guy you would want to marry her. price went on to say: i would trade places with robert, that's how much i liked him. he was a very good friend. prosecutors also played an interview detective wade conducted with dillan ward. taking place just before the last introduce with price. wade told ward as the lead detective, he wanted to hear ward's story for him. ward said i heard a high- pitched noise. it was not a blood-curdling scream, but ward said he didn't hear much more than that before hearing zaborsky scream and leaving his room. the detectives weren't buying it. wade wanted to know why ward was scared. i'm scared because i'm confused. but i am not covering up for
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anyone. robert was a guest at the house that night. he was working late and didn't want to make the long drive home to his wife in oakton. juan and joe price were good friends since college. prosecutors believe that the three men now on trial know what happened, know who the real killer is and are covering for that person. but the defense believes that an intruder killed robert juan and the three men are innocent. at d.c. superior court, paul wagner, fox 5 news. a traffic alert for alexandrea tonight. the water main break is forcing crews to deg up king street to get to the broken pipe. king is closed between 395 and quaker lane b. 200 customers are now without water and might not get service back until late this evening. the mini howard campus of tc williams high school sent students home around 10 a.m. the school didn't have any water. well, we have been dealing with the serious weather issues and get back downstairs to the weather center now and find out
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what the latest is. >> i guess it's atypical spring weather, right, gary? >> the thunderstorms have been popping up this afternoon. one good thing, will and shawn and everyone else, too, they're moving on along quite quickly from west to east. we can show you max hd radar and give you an idea what is taking place. the concentration of the strongest thunderstorms from d.c. to the east of i-95, waldorf, there is similar, very heavy rain and strong wind to come in. i will zoom in to capture upper marlboro, waldorf and see how the line is moving from the west to the east and in your direction. you see there how it's counting in the -- and the reds and oranges on radar. you know very, very heavy rain. the hail has not been a huge problem. wouldn't surprise me to see hail embedded in the thunderstorms, may be up to marble size. if we switch over to true view, had a reorganization of the warnings from 5:00 as the thunderstorms are moving quite quickly. prince georges, your warning
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goes until 5:45 p.m. a little farther to the south, charles county also 5:45 p.m. montgomery, even though the strongest of it is moved to the east of you, you're technically still under the warning until 5:45 and over here for ann arundel county as well. let me click off farther down to the south here. carolline county until 6:00 and again, the strongest concentration of the showers has been well to the south of us for the last 10, 15 minutes or so. you can see them there. how they're gathering the strength to the south. we think there is going to be more. possibly another line later on tonight and coming up in the the forecast here, in just a while, we'll talk about that and we're going to get another line moving through, and of course, we'll keep you up to date on the newly-developing warnings and whatnot, as the storms move on through. will. >> thank you, gary. lots of changes. thank you. the governors of virginia and maryland join d.c.'s mayor for a chesapeake summit aimed at protecting the bay and the surrounding waterways. as tom fitzgerald explains, after years of going their own
5:21 pm
ways and ways of trying to protect the chesapeake, all three governments are vowing to work together. this is where the crossroads school was faced. >> reporter: like governors and mayors before, martin o'malley, adrian fenty and bob o'donnell share a common course. >> we must provide the protection of the bay and the natural resources for the benefit of futuregen rages. >> reporter: while the goal may sound simple, making it a real set not easy. why the 26th year, the mayors of maryland, virginia and the district were in baltimore for the chesapeake bay executive council. >> and here in the year 2010, we definitely care about the future of our riverways, of our tributaries and of the chesapeake bay. >> reporter: each leader came here to highlight the works. in d.c., a tabs on shopping bags aims to keep plastic out of the rivers. virginia's telling farmers to keep livestock way -- away from
5:22 pm
waterways. and in maryland, they're proposing new rules to protect shrinking oyster populations. >> we have seen some progress, never as much progression as quickly as any of us would like, but some progress is better than no progress or worst. >> reporter: while governors o'malley, mcdowel and fenty are promising to take a bite in the pollution, some environmentalists are saying that bite need more teeth. >> all the states have to work together. >> reporter: bill baker of the chesapeake bay foundation said the three leaders can not go it alone in saving the bay and will need the leaders of other states whose watersways run into the chesapeake. >> where was pen today? 50% of all the -- where was pennsylvania today? 50% comes from pennsylvania and new york. pennsylvania was missing in action. >> reporter: with the e.p.a. promising to enforce regulations against pollutants being dumped in the bay, advocates hope they will have a healthier bay a year from now when the 2011 meeting is held in virginia. tom fit gerald, fox 5 news.
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will he face jailtime? former illinois governor's corruption trial is underway. we have the courtroom play by play coming up at 5:30 tonight. also ahead earthquake worldwide exhibit is making the rounds. but one statue is not exactly the warm welcome the travelers are looking for. the scoop behind the god of death statue. standing at one of the nation's big of the airports coming up next.
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>> the denver airport is displaying a statue of the god of death. todell celebrate the opening of the king tut exhibit some travelers are uneasy about seeing the god of death outside of an airport but many art lovers are excited to see the preview to the national geographic art exhibit. how do you spell pressure? try the 83rd annual scripps national spelling bee. the spellers took to the stage this morning and all eyes are
5:27 pm
on the local favorite. 14-year-old debra horton of gainsville is in the running and correctly spelled her first word. here it goes: the secret to her success, she said, a wall of words, of course. >> i quizzed with my brother jonathan and i quizzed with mom. every day. i also sometimes i quiz myself, like i will cover up one of the words and spell it and see if it's write. if it's wrong, i will write it five times and put it on my wall of words. >> we're wishing you lots of luck. 273 spellers are vying for the winner's trophy and more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. the champion will be crowned tomorrow night. >> a disciplined young girl there. thanks after -- bank having to follow a new set of rule in a month. want to avoid getting saddled with extra fees? and summer season is here. that means bugs are back. does your family have what it
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takes to beat the bug-biting battle? the fox 5 money team is putting the product to the test. we'll be right back. ou
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>> we can all relate to this one. battling bugs is the right of summer. how do you know your weapon of choice will work when it comes to keeping mosquitoes and ticks at bay? melanie alnwick joins us with new ratings for insect repell anti. >> reporter: if you think the nats are out of control this year, you're not crazy. i checked with entimologist and they said yes, the wet spring meant a boom for the bugs. consumer reports said you can find products that work at a good price. getting outside and enjoying nature is one of the joys of summer. getting creamed by bugs is not. >> the nats get in your face and your eyes and up your nose. that is not pleasant at all. >> reporter: nats are the most
5:32 pm
annoying. mosquitoes and ticks can carry disease. effective insect repellents are an important defense. >> before i go outside, i normally put on pants, but i have to the it all over up top. >> consumer reports tested the 10 best sellers on the market: off, deepwood sportsman two, cutter backwoods unscented and off family care smooth and destroyry -- dry rated the top three for effectiveness lasting up to eight hours. >> if you spray it on early in the morning and you're out most of the day, you're probably covered a good portion of the day. >> reporter: that is important. deet is the active ingredient. the cdc said that it's safe when used as directed and shouldn't be used over cuts or near food. >> do follow the directions. in case of deet, go back to that and people have had problems or said they had problems with dote in the past and that is usually because they were misusing it, using too much. >> reporter: consumers who prefer something other than deet can chose the caro tin or oil of lemon eucalyptus.
5:33 pm
they are effective and don't last as long. seal and scent are important factors. >> it's really greasy. i won't wear it and i will get rid of it or give it to someone else. >> reporter: testers found all family care smooth and dry has a fruity odor and dries quickly. and cutter backwoods has little scent. insects are part of the scenery here. >> let it be. they don't do anything. >> reporter: if you're going outside this summer, prepared to be bugged. consumer reports rated six products as recommended. you can find them on our website at the complete article is in the july issue of consumer reports magazine. now, just really curious, we have like a seven -- [ indiscernible ] of course. >> and i'm trying to figure out, you know, which is right. this is helpful. >> absolutely and the one thing, sometimes you think more is belter? >> uh-huh. >> and consumer reports found that especially when it comes to deet, anything more than 30% deet, you don't need. >> okay. >> 30% is good. it will give you eight hours of
5:34 pm
protection and anymore than, that they really don't recommend. >> and the report made a good point. once you put it on, you're good for most of the day and you don't have to keep reapplying it. >> depending on the product and for people who don't want deet and want to use some oil of the lemon eucalyptus. >> uh-huh. >> and skin so soft by avon. they're effective but may not last as long. you need to read it and they're products you may need to reapply. >> okay, good advice. >> thank you very much, mel. if you hate getting slapped with the costly overdraft charges on your bank account, there is good news. you can avoid the fees starting july 1st by choosing not to opt in for them. if try to use your debit card beyond the limit, the transaction will be declined. you may want to carry a credit card with you in case or balance your checkbook. that way you will always know your balance. details on a recall this may effect a lot of you. ikea is recalling nearly 2,000 of the sulton heidle spring natresses.
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the u.s. consumer product safety commission said they don't need -- don't meet mandatory fire safety standards. they were sold between june of 2007 and april of this year. you should stop use the mattress and contact your local store for more information. baseball great jose canseco testified before a federal grand jury defending longtime pitching ace roger clemons. he said he told the grand jury he never saw clemons use, possess or ask for steroid or hgh. clemons' former personal trainer said he injected the player with steroid and claims that clemons -- claims that clemons denied in 2008. the grand jury is investigating whether clemons lied under oath. the corruption trial of rob blagojevich is underway. 18 months ago, he was arrested for allegedly trying to sell president obama's senate seat. he had -- he and his wife stopped to talk with the reporters on the way into the courthouse and denies any wrongdoing. his trial is expected to last
5:36 pm
three months. the so-called immigration summit is putting a controversial immigration law in the spotlight. it sparked a protest outside of the white house. the rally is taking place as arizona's governor meets with president obama inside. the immigration debate is taking center stage at the white house right now. governor brewer and the president are expected to talk about arizona's tough new immigration law and how best it deal with illegal immigrants. fox's jennifer davis is following a new development tonight. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: protestors sound off outside of the white house about arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants. the governor jan brewer said inside she had a cordial meeting with the president about immigration and border security, even though they strongly disagree over what to do about it. >> i am encouraged there is going to be better dialogue between the federal government and the state of arizona. now, i hope that is not wishful thinking. >> reporter: the governor signed the law last month. it allows police enforce
5:37 pm
anything law to check someone's immigration status if they think they're in the u.s. illegally. the white house and other critics say this promotes racial profiling. >> this law doesn't does nothing to security the border, it does nothing to protect our cities. all it does is use resources and take police officers away from going after violent criminals. >> reporter: the attorney general is considering possible challenges to the law and the white house said that immigration reform is better left to the federal government rather than states. brewer said the president told her most of the 1200 national guard troops he's sending to protect the southern border will come to arizona. the president has said he would like to begin work on immigration reform this year but even he acknowledges that congress may not be willing or have the time to take on another hot-button issue before november 's mid-term election. january for davis, fox news. there are new questions in the death of gary coleman. was the actor's wife wrong in pulling the plug? we're following new rounds of allegations coming up in about 15 minutes. and will this be the gimmick that gets customers in
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the door? this billboard is not advertising a big juicy steak but promising a big, bold flavor. we're going to tell you where smello vision is rolling out right now as people are rolling down the highway. we'll be right back. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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we're all striving for it. purina catw helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excelnt nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat cho share a better life.
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it was sink or swim for students at the school in silver spring. the middle school students designed the boats. get this, they're made out of cardboards, hot glue and paint. that is it. the teams were required to sit in a row and raced two laps against one another. we don't have any idea yet tonight who won. the red team or blue team. looks look they fell over. >> either way, they're having fun out. there. a big picture of a juicy steak is not enough on this billboard. you can smell it cooking. sort of. it's a scented billboard in charlotte, uses a generator fan to blow the smell of hickory
5:42 pm
barbeque 50-yards into the car as you drive by. a grocery store designed it with the help of a company that usually develops perassumes -- perfumes. whaty understand, the box has the scent and it blows over the box into your car. >> i wonder if it works, if it, the smell, i wonder. maybe we'll drive down and find out. >> i don't know. it's one of the first in the country. we'll see. wicked weather moving across our area tonight. should i say blowing across, right? >> yeah, most of you are under a severe thunderstorm watch. we're going to check in with gary and let you know when the skies are clearing up and talk about the all-important weekend forecast. we'll be right back. 
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>> welcome back, everyone. we're following several big sports stories tonight. one brought some of the world's best golfers here to the backyard. the other has the world of baseball debating rule changes. dave feldman is here with both
5:46 pm
of the stories. >> reporter: can we talk about galarraga? the tigers pitcher and he was cheated out of a perfect game because of a bad call, right? >> yeah. >> did you see this? >> yeah. >> at first, i felt horrible for galarraga and now i feel sorry for the umpire. >> really? die. >> you didn't try to blow the call. >> i know. i mean the outcome now. i feel bad for the pitcher. >> i do, too and this umpire, no one's going forget him. the commissioner said he will not reverse the umpire's blown call that cost him the gap. the umpire, you know -- the game. the commissioner said we'll change it, give him the perfect game and he will look at instant replay. he's going look at that and start the second guessing of umpires down the road. he's not going to change this. he got a corvette, some shave lay. a constellation prize. >> that is what they're seeing. -- saying. in detroit, the tigers' armando galarraga, one away from a 21st perfect game in major league history. there it is. jim joyce calls the runner safe
5:47 pm
and he was clearly out. clearly. after the game, joyce looked at a replay and realized he had blown the call. he sought out galarraga and apologized to him. galarraga accepted but the blown call took galarraga out of the history book. miguel cabrerra can't believe it. joyce, one of the most respected umpires in the game, got this one wrong. ouch. and it's a shame. now to golf. and this is golf, people. whole you probably knew that tiger woods turny over the 4th of july is taking a two-year hiatus from the area, you may not know the pros are here this week. lindsay murphy has more from college park. >> reporter: the nationwide pro in cool think park. the melwood prince georges county open was formerly held in mitchellville, maryland. for the next two years, the university of maryland will be home.
5:48 pm
>> the golf course is fantastic. there is a lot of logistical things that make it easier to have a golf tournament here in maryland. parking is better. we have a lot of room to grow the event in the community. >> reporter: for those of you not familiar with the nationwide tour, it's an extension of the pga tour, kind of like the minor leagues and of the 156 players in this weekend's tournament, at least half the field has experience in the pga tour, including kendall. >> the play here is as good as it on the regular tour. maybe more difficult because a lot of the young kids are real hungry. >> reporter: kendall turned pro in 1987 and joined the pga tour six years later. he's a four-time pga tour runner-up and three-time win or the nationwide tour. today, he carted a 3-under 68. >> 3-under, i will take it. at the end of the day, someone shoots 300, i would have taken it in a heartbeat. i'm pretty pleased with it. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: maryland's basketball coach is honorary host this weekend. he applied in the pro-am earlier in the week and for now, he's -- now, he's taking
5:49 pm
it easy. >> i will walk around and say hello to people. i know some of the guys playing and that is fun to see them play. it's a good time. you know how that goes? you make you an honorary post and volunteers working hard in the sun and i basically can run inside the air conditioning every once in a whole. just a lot of fun. >> reporter: lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> i once caddied for him and he fired me. patrick sheehan is your leader now after firing an 8- under 63 and skip kendall tied for 14. >> i'm not surprised he got fired. and if you have some rain at your house, it why it may not be the last for tonight, right? >> there might be more. we have had a lot of severe weather with a whole bunch of active warnings and we have had very the reports of large hail that is anywhere around an inch and a half or approaching golf- ball. we had quarter sized hail around culpeper. we have had some trees down and as they were reporting trees down up into frederick county
5:50 pm
and off of 270 and that is about all. that is good. we have come through this mostly unscathed and you can see downtown right now. no doubt this is going to cause a lot of problems for the commute and trying to get home and all of this rain. going to be a nightmare. the strongest of the thunderstorms have new moved east of the district. let me show you what is going on right now on max hd radar. you can see all the reds now and annapolis, you're right in it. severna park with this heavy and severe weather, actually, moving on through. again, we have been watching this. the serious threat has been primarily for some large hail and some very, very high wind gusts. over 57, 58-mile an hour. and there is the potential for 70 miles an hour gusts. this is moving from west to east. it's about to cross through annapolis. severna park very, very heavy. harwood, the heaviest. beal, getting the southern extent of that as we go farther. chesapeake beach, notice to the west you, there is a potential
5:51 pm
hail core. the purple color there, south of dunkirk, waldorf, the heaviest is through as we zoom in the district a bit. you can see the yellows, the greens. this is heavy rain and is that what we saw use on tower camera there and to the west. at least round one is moving on off to the east now and let me show you on true view where the active warnings are. again, east of the district. prince georges, this is going to run until 6:15 p.m. that is updated a bit. as is anne arundel, running until 6:15 p.m. a lot of this jumps across the bay. charles county under a warning and calvert county under a warning until 6:15 p.m. once 6:15 rolls along, this is going to be out of here and across the bay and we'll be awaiting what comes within the next two to three hours, if, indeed, it comes. we'll talk about that in a second. the forecast for 11:00, we expect the potential of a few storms out there, even at 11:00. the temperature in the upper
5:52 pm
70s. by tomorrow morning, a few clouds out there, i think, lingering left over from the showers tonight. the temperatures, start off mild. 76 degrees and we're warm again tomorrow at noon with some clouds. the temperature of 86 degrees. we'll have some thunderstorms again tomorrow and that doesn't look like this. this comes from a complex out of west virginia. it's held together and now you can see it's moving to the east of us. the heaviest is east of i-95. let me show you what we're watching now. there is more firing up to the northwest of the western sections of pep opinion right now. the thinking is that that might grow up a little bit, form a line and come through again and then there is a potential for more later on this evening. future cast, our max hd future cast will show you that later on tonight again, we're expecting another little round of showers and thunderstorms coming on across. let me she if i can get that to work. not doing that for me. come on. there we are. here's future cast want to at
5:53 pm
8:00 and notice, everything kind of jumps on off to the east at 9:00. we're clearing out here. we still think, again, a potential that some of these will shift on across and bring us more. by tomorrow morning, we're just cloudy and do it again late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening with more widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. the forecast tomorrow. a lot like today, actually. going to be warm and sticky and we'll have a recurrence of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. yet does not look like for tomorrow that the potential is going to be as great to have widespread severe thunderstorms. the next couple of days, we'll stay warm and muggy, though. the scattered thunderstorms stay with us on through the weekend. basically, kind of a carbon copy of what we had for today and after the weekend nice, cool, dry air comes in. the first part of next week. low 80s, less humid and dry. >> sounds nice. >> okay. >> thank you, gary. >> a baby watch is on for singef -- singer mariah carey.
5:54 pm
u.s. weekly is confirming a friend confirms she's expects her first child. adding to the rumor mill, the magazine said her husband nick canon was overheard talking about her baby bump. since then, he posted on the twitter page she'll announce any private matter when is she's good and ready. carey unexpectedly dropped out of the movie last month citing doctor's owners. -- orders. gary coleman's ex-wife is defending her called to take off life-support. dax holt is live in los angeles tonight. his ex-wife shannon price, is she responding to the controversy? >> yeah, you know what? this is weird. she set up this interview the day after gain he passed away and just wanted -- gain he passed a -- gare had passed away. she wanted to set the record straight. the reason she took him off almost support was she felt the doctors were warning her he could end up like mohammad ali
5:55 pm
and that was her defense which, i think is ridiculous to say something like that, but on top of that, she kept going and when you know, she didn't have real emotion when she was talking the whole time, even though her partnership had just died. >> yeah, i mean, bizarre indeed and as far as i know, no one came out publicly to accuse her of pushing coleman, right? >> not at that time. this was a couple of days ago and no one had mentioned that she pushed him. everyone said he had a brain hemorrhage. obviously that can be the reason for him falling and having a head injury. she brought it up herself and threw it out there. that is the other bizarre part and when you think she's starting to get sensitive, she talks about he did a lot of good things for me in my life. he bought me a car. >> all right, dax, we appreciate you joining us. we know you're going to dig deeper into this tonight here on fox 5 at 6:30. back to you, shawn. the news edge at 6 is minutes away tonight and we're staying on top of the storms moving through the area.
5:56 pm
plus, it's day 45 of the the oil disaster and bp crews say they have caught a break. we'll have the latest developments. and where new red light cameras will be keeping an eye on you as you hit the road. is this this story has a lost people talking tonight. she claims her employer fired her because she was too good looking. the story coming up next. x
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